Friday, October 3, 2008

I Like Sarah Palin

Yep, I'm a staunch Democrat.

Nope, I won't be voting for John McCain.

But, from my viewpoint as a shameless pop culture fan, I like Sarah Palin. She is the most entertaining politician we've had since Bill Clinton. Yeah Bill screwed us over with NAFTA and welfare reform. But damn he was entertaining! I mean you couldn't have made that stuff up. (How you doin' Monica?)

We could say the same thing about Sarah.

I mean, love or hate her ideology, this chick's life is screaming out for a TV movie. (Come on, Lifetime, you know you wanna!). She's a former beauty pageant contestant who became a small town mayor in Alaska (what is this, Men in Trees meets She's the Sheriff?) before vaulting into the governor's office. Wow. If I had written something like that I would have laughed myself out of town. Her interview with Katie Couric, of which I only saw excerpts, has become a political pop culture classic. We'll be seeing that on You Tube for years. Schweet. And last Thursday's debate with Joe Biden...What can I say? I only saw the last half hour and you know, it looked the Senator and the Avon Lady.

But then I'm a Democrat. I would say that...

Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun ride.