Tuesday, August 21, 2007

America's Got Talent Winner...

...is Terry Fator????? Holy cr#p!!! Boy can I not pick 'em! I started watching tonight's show thinking Butterscotch or Julie would win. Then I couldn't believe my eyes when they dumped Julie and Butterscotch. After that I felt sure Cas would win. After all he's got the best story: the wife, the kid, the daddy theme. He sang the cool drinkin' song with UB40 (Where the hell have they been? Do they still have a career?)

But nope.

I could say this is an example that proves America's Got Talent -- but no taste.

But that would be wrong.

Terry Fator is great. I honestly love the puppets. The music. The comedy. The voices. You own me Terry!

And it just goes to show, if you sing to America with Kermit the Frog by your side, you're bulletproof.

Congratulations Terry!

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Tara said...

I saw the show for the first time this weekend. I was of course fascinated when I saw the fat girls, but I didn't stick with in, "the hoff" sent me running. So, the fat girls didn't win...ah well.