Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hit and Run (Redux)

Okay this is fun. My computer ate my original post so I have to write it again. Doncha' just love it?

Hit and run.

This is how I'm going to have to manage this blog until I'm settled in and writing steadily. I'll just slap a few slogans on the cyber-wall and see if they stick before I come back to develop them at a later date. I want to talk about pop culture, culture, and society to begin with. So expect some of that in the near future. For now, here goes...

...Reality TV: What the hell? Is it just me or is the glut of reality TV an unforeseen by-product of government disinterest in the public welfare and disinvestment in the public sphere? Oh I'm not saying this is more important than bridges falling down or levees failing. But there seems to be this idea out there that you somehow have to pimp yourself for the TV viewing masses in order to get your basic needs met. Got no music education in your school? Go on American Idol. Need your home renovated but can't afford the loan? Go on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Too fat? Need to lose weight? Don't waste time at your doctor's office or the gym. Try to become The Biggest Loser. Or go on a Fat March.

I mean, if we had music education in the public schools, a national housing policy that really worked to get people into solidly built homes and universal health care, would there be a market for these kind of life-improvement/make me famous shows?

Just askin'.

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SagittarianSpirit74 said...

Terri, I couldn't agree with you more; and I am especially disgusted with this new reality series, "Kid Nation." I mean, young children are going to rehab a community in 40 days? Come on!!! I think the producers of the show are exploiting them; and I think it should be pulled from the air waves before it starts. You are right on the money about this. :-)